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Karma Events

What are Karma Events?

Karma events are special competition events with a start and end time usually of one day. There are special days where more Karma events are shorter and more frequent on that day.

At the start of each Karma event players are randomly placed into a running of 100-400 players and compete for a series of four tiers; Bronze, silver, gold, emerald. Each tier has prizes relative to the placement with emerald having the best prizes.

How To Enter Karma Events

Player's must...

You will know you are enrolled when you see Budhi the enlightened goat floating above an opened tent.

Event Incoming   Event Started 
Not Participating


Event Started

EventIncoming.png   EventActive_NotSignedIn.png   EventActive_SignedIn.png


What to do in a Karma Event

Players compete by collecting karma points. The more Karma points vs other players the higher your rank becomes.

To get Karma points you must do certain actions that Budhi has requested. Click on the Budhi's tent to open up the action screen.

Completing these actions/tasks will reward you with the corresponding points. Some actions require you do the action more than once to get the reward.

  • Example 1: Collect Kief From Anywhere (0/6) yield 75 points. You go and harvest Keif from any source 6 times and 75 points will be added to your score.
  • Example 2:  Plant a Mystery Seed gives 80 points after harvesting 1 mystery seed. 






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