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Hotfix 1.8.1 - AD Animal (Dabs the armadillo)

Started rolling out to users Apr 25th / 2019


This hotfix focuses fixing the AD animal (Dabs the armadillo) that was causing many users not to receive benefits from watching AD's. We've also addressed a wide variety of balance concerns within quests, levels and material gain. Various other fixes were also addressed. 

  • AD FIX - Ad Animal (Dabs the armadillo) will now dismiss properly and provide consistent rewards.
  • Smoothed out Karma Event reward flow.
  • AD button is no longer a weed strain icon.
  • Many quest balance adjustments.
  • Slightly increased chances for gas cans, hoses and timers from the materials list chest table. Slightly decreased chances for bolts.
  • Various misc balance changes.
  • Various performance fixes. 
  • Various bug fixes.


Get the update below if you have not already!

Google Play Store (Android)

App Store (IOS)


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