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Client Update 1.8.0 - Karma Events

Started rolling out to users on April 17 / 2019


Karma Events!

A strange tent has appeared on the desert mountain top. A mysterious goat going by the name of Budhi has brought harmony and zen and a pinch of competition to the party.

Players can now compete in Karma Events for tiered rewards including items & materials.

  • New Artwork added to the game for events
    • Signpost with countdown for next event
    • Find Budhi's tent and await for him to appear to participate in event
  • Clicking on the active Karma tent will show actions required for participation
  • Game Center for iOS and Google Play Games added
    • Users can participate with their existing gamer IDs!
  • Get to level 10 to participate

Level Increase & New Higher Level additions

  • Level cap increased to 35
  • Two new products appeared
    • Rusty Metal
    • Shatter
  • New Strain
    • Trainwreck
  • Upgrades for contraptions
  • Upgrades for equipment
  • Additional upgrades for dispensary, lights and pots

More Quests!

  • More quests added throughout the level tiers

Misc Updates/Changes

  • Sweeping balance adjustments across entire game
  • New and modified rewards, achievements and level rewards
  • More opportunities for rare materials and uses for common materials added throughout

Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer get stuck in the dispensary tutorial
  • Bubblegum plant should no longer get stuck on higher level lights and pots
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes

Thank you for your ongoing support! While we are a small team, we are dedicated to providing you with the best game play experience possible. We love and appreciate all the constructive feedback and invite you to join us on Facebook or Discord. 

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