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What are Quests and Achievements?

Shorty has Quests that you can work on and complete to earn Experience, Coins, and other Rewards! You can work on multiple at once, too! To see your Quests, tap the Shorty button on the upper left side of your screen.

On the Quests Screen, you'll see a list of Quests, each with their own requirement, rewards, and progress bars to see how close you are to completing them! Tapping on the “Go” button will take you where you need to go to make progress. When a Quest is complete, tap the “Claim” button to get your Rewards!

Tapping on the Achievements tab displays a list of tasks that can be performed multiple times for rewards after reaching certain thresholds! The number of Ribbons is equal to the number of levels there are for each Achievement! So get out there and run the best 420 Festival in the world!

Happy Questing and Achievement hunting!

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